Teaching different languages

Volunteers are constantly needed to help with the free teaching languages classes for community development. This will help many people to get employment in tourist field and reduce poverty for many Tanzania. Many local students have failed because lacking the basic knowledge of foreign languages. TJV require teachers in different languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, German, Dutch and other foreign languages in order to fulfill its objectives.

Teaching computer skills

Very few people have opportunity to learn computer use, because of their low level of income. TJV established this program in order to help people in attaining self-employment. The computer lessons include: how to operate a computer, use of word processing and spreadsheets, use of e-mail, Internet searches, and other related computer subjects.

Teaching science subjects

TANZANIA is one among the third world countries which has less scientific and technological advancement. TJV, through special application, has connections with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to encourage their students on science subjects. The volunteers in this field will be connected to Governmental Schools for teaching science subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, math and geography.

Other Programs Include:

  • Nurseries school teaching
  • Environmental education and conservation
  • HIV/AIDS programmers
  • Health care
  • Hand craft activities
  • Vulnerable children
  • Working with disable people
  • Entrepreneurship activities

Ongoing Projects

We do have several projects in place whereby we are looking for donors/funds to make the work done:

  • Schools / orphanages renovation
  • Toilets (in schools) construction
  • English competition in schools
  • Beekeeping projects
  • Clean and safe water supply in schools and in communities
  • Groups of empowerment (Youth groups, Women and Girls Groups)
  • Streets and beaches cleaning


A TJV staff person will be your liaison, interpreter as needed, and provides you with all the assistance possible to make your volunteer work productive. For English classes, you will be working in a small class setting, providing conversation practice, helping with written English and, if your skills and comfort level permit, teaching basic grammar classes.
While patience, ability to improvise and make the best use of limited or sometimes non-existent materials are an asset, we’ll do our best to make sure that your work is facilitated. We have several teaching guides available for the computer training and ESL classes which you can use for developing your lesson plans.


A willingness to help, patience, reliability, an adventurous spirit and a good attitude are your most important qualifications! Volunteers should be over 18 and in reasonably good physical health. The ability to walk for some kilometers should be necessary.


Through extra fee of 250$ per volunteer per month, TJV will arrange special Swahili teaching program for interested volunteers. This program will be operated by a competent supervisor once a day, weekend excluded, and will teach how speaking and writing Swahili language.