Our mission

The Association aims to build capacity among Tanzania’s poorest residents, as well as to protect the beautiful natural resources of the landscape a sustainable way. The goal is to improve the life conditions of the most vulnerable inhabitants by conducting different programs through the placement of skilled foreign volunteers and the provision of technical support and assistance to other NGOs, Community Organizations and grassroots groups pursuing compatible goals.

Our Vision

  • To supply volunteers to teach different languages (example: English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, or others, required because Tanzania is a centre of tourism and is visited by different nations and the hospitality industry in Tanzania  is a main source of employment), Computers, Health and Technical Skills in schools, at the TJV location or in other NGOs and community-based sites.
  • To assist members who have been qualified through the training programs to find employment, when possible.
  • To promote co-operation between TJV and other associations engaged in similar objectives with a view to enhance mutual benefit and help.
  • To provide technical assistance, training, and consultative support to community-based organizations including schools, orphanages, NGOs and grassroots self-helping groups in the areas of website design, fundraising and organization development.
  • To promote ecologically sound alternative technology, arts and craft and other livelihood projects in order to help most vulnerable residents to develop their skills and resources to achieve a better life.
  • To promote access to health care for residents who currently lack adequate services, including prevention sources to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and consultative services for individuals affected by or at risk of this disease.
  • To promote the culture of Tanzania through community events, cultural exchanges and education.